Fusion middleware

Biz-Metric Partners is the leading organization who is specialized on implementing Fusion Middleware technologies and enabling enterprises to create and run agile, intelligent business applications.

We are the one who are specialized on implementing below frame works with ease and minimum efforts:-

1) SOA Services Group

Whether a company is migrating application design practices and tools toward a style that creates shared, reusable and distributed services or building new SOA applications and solutions in an enterprise, the SOA Consulting Services Group assists companies achieve their SOA goals.

Our team of SOA Architects and Consultants can assist companies looking to expedite their SOA migration by successfully leveraging SOA technology solutions such as:

  • Complex Event Processing (CEP)
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • SOA Governance
  • Composite Applications
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

2) Oracle Identity Management

We are providing premium implementations of identity management platform that enables enterprise to improve security, enforce compliance, minimizing the administration cost and leverage scalability with tightly integrated components.

  • Oracle Access Management
  • Oracle Identity Governance
  • Oracle Directory Services
  • Composite Applications
  • Oracle Identity and Access Management

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