Mobile Intelligence

The Biz-Metric BI Mobile platform for mobile apps is planned to enable organizations to build a wide variety of essential mobile apps that deliver business intelligence, transactions, and multimedia content.

Through increased user adoption and usage, Biz-Metric BI Mobile multiplies ROI on existing data warehousing, business intelligence, ERP, and other information systems.

Biz-Metric BI Mobile platform when implemented will provide touch-optimized reporting, analysis, and monitoring that enables companies to analyze the data stored across their enterprise to make better business decisions. for its ease-of-use, sophisticated analytics, and superior data and user scalability.


  • Real-time KPI access
  • Launch time of less than two weeks
  • Managed services
  • Web-based and mobile app store installation
  • Rapid deployment and rapid payback
  • Dramatically improved user adoption


  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Trend analysis
  • Color-coded variances Optimized mobile platform user experience
  • Configurable access to critical business data such as customer invoicing, employee time data, shipments, sales opportunities, etc.
  • Context-aware data visibility (i.e. phone recognizes you are at a customer’s loading dock and pulls customer shipping data)

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