Mobility & Cloud Services

Mobile, social, and cloud are redefining how business gets done. Oracle has invested nearly 7 years and billions of dollars in engineering and strategic acquisitions to provide you with the world's most comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-grade cloud services. Oracle Cloud application services are enriched with modern social capabilities, including social marketing, social engagement and monitoring, and social networking for purposeful collaboration. BizMetric can assist you to develop your own standalone Oracle Cloud applications using standards based programming languages and development tools on top of Oracle Cloud platform services.

The Biz-Metric BI Enterprise Mobile platform for mobile apps is planned to enable organizations to build a wide variety of essential mobile apps that deliver business intelligence, transactions, and multimedia content. Biz-Metric BI Enterprise Mobile platform when implemented providex touch-optimized reporting, analysis, and monitoring that enables companies to analyze the data stored across their enterprise to make better business decisions for its ease-of-use, sophisticated analytics, and superior data and user scalability. Through increased user adoption and usage, Biz-Metric BI Enterprise Mobile multiplies ROI on existing data warehousing, business intelligence, ERP, and other information systems.


  • Real-time KPI access
  • Launch time of less than two weeks
  • Managed services
  • Web-based and mobile app store installation
  • Rapid deployment and rapid payback
  • Dramatically improved user adoption


  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Trend analysis
  • Color-coded variances Optimized mobile platform user experience
  • Configurable access to critical business data such as customer invoicing, employee time data, shipments, sales opportunities, etc.
  • Context-aware data visibility (i.e. phone recognizes you are at a customer’s loading dock and pulls customer shipping data)