Project: Opex Cost and Revenue

Description: The Dashboard provides a way to track Operating Expense (Opex) Cost Trends, comparison of Opex to Revenue by Business Units, Opex Cost Variances.

Project: Day Sales Inventory (DSI)

Description: Day Sales Inventory Tracks Inventory Turns in number of days from GL Account perspective and reports by BU, Location, Product Category, Item

Project: GL Account Analysis

Description: Allows the user to view GL Amounts in Transactional Currency, Ledger Currency, Reporting Currency by GL Accounts and report trends, variances and have ability to drill into details

Project: Profitability or Margin Analysis

Description: Margin Analysis is a marquee dashbaord to track the Margins of the Company at summary level and see the trends for Revenue, Cost of Revenue and Margins and be able to see the variances and be able to drill into transaction level detail with much ease

Project: Subledger Analysis

Description: View Trial Balance Report, view variances and drill do the transaction level detail in less than a minute. Used for Month End Reporting and finding the discrepancies in TB.

Project: Average Days Payables (ADP)

Description: Average Days taken to pay the Vendors Metric is tracked on this dashboard

Project: Procurement Operations

Description: This dashboard tracks the Procurement Cost Trends and the Variances for Inventory Items at PO Receipt

Project: Supplier Performance (On Time Delivery)

Description: This dashboard tracks the Supplier's On Time Delivery (OTM) Metric to measure Supplier Performance

Project: Spend Analyzer

Description: This dashboard tracks the Spend for the BU, Departments or the Locations.

Project: Projects Controller

Description: Project relate reports - Project Margin, Unbilled Aging, Revenue Reconciliation

Project: Excess Inventory Analysis (SMOG)

Description: SMOG stands for Slowly moving obsolete goods

Project: Inventory Analysis

Description: Track Onhand Inventory by Operation Unit, Business Unit, Warehouse and Item. Provide a Primary and Secondary UOM analysis.

Project: Supply and Demand Analytics

Description: Compare the Onhand Supply and Sales Orders based demand to plan production

Project: Operations/Business Unit Manager Dashboard

Description: A dashboard of all the related analytics for managing operations

Project: Supply Chain Executive dashboard

Description: A dashboard of all the related analytics for managing Supply Chain

Project: EBS Oracle Support

Description: Staff supports APAC EBS Users and with Technical Development

Project: Hyperion (HFM) Installation, Deployment and Configuration

Description: Hyperion Installation, Deployment and Configuration